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Maybe That’s Enough Joy

I caught myself staring across the street at the neighbor’s this afternoon. They have two teenagers—one girl, one boy. Nice family. The boy has even shoveled my driveway in the past, despite the fact I have called him by the … Continue reading

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Why my Husband’s Illness was the Best Thing to Happen to Us

When I am in the midst of a storm and panicking, I often imagine God trying desperately to get me to see the bigger picture—that my suffering is part of a much greater plan, a plan I could never imagine … Continue reading

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A Moment of Rescue

Feeling lonely and forsaken, and so desperate for you to awaken. For you are my reminder of good things when only evil the world brings. Finally, I hear you cry out in the night, pleading for me to hold you … Continue reading

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Words that Shrink the Storm

The waves curled and bowed in mockery around the small boat. As they rose and fell in an unpredictable and terrifying pattern, Peter couldn’t shake the idea that they were laughing at him, holding his friends in their death grip, … Continue reading

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A Garden Hose and Our Heavenly Father

I love to watch a garden hose snake and swell across my lawn as the water propels through it. Usually this visual treat occurs when I am watering my garden and I quickly forget about it as I start analyzing … Continue reading

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