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A World of Hurt

When those around you experience pain and heartache, it can challenge your faith in Christ just as much as if you were experiencing this pain firsthand. Recently, I have been surrounded by pain–excruciating, life-altering pain. Those closest to me have … Continue reading

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A Spiritual War

The old saying goes like this, “God is bigger than your fear.” People might say this to a loved-one when all seems lost, when there is much to be afraid of. It is meant to offer some comfort, some explanation … Continue reading

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I used to have a best friend named Sam. She lived on the other side of the forest, a few blocks down. We spent a lot of time in that forest, imagining trouble, and sometimes actually causing it. Sam was … Continue reading

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Stop Waiting 12 Weeks to Reveal your Pregnancy

I had a baby. His name was Jess. He died.   Alright, so now that is out of the way. I’m a little nervous about this one because it deals in some very painful experiences for many. However, I think … Continue reading

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The Mountains are Calling

They call to me. These words dripping out of my mom’s mouth with the perfect mixture of longing and satire, just enough to make you wonder if she’s serious, have fallen on my ears since long before my long, sea … Continue reading

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