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Raising a Warrior

I recognized the panicked shriek the moment I was startled awake. When my eyes opened, my 2-year old was standing at the side of my bed, arms out, eyes filled with tears. I thought a brief cuddle was all he … Continue reading

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Some See Super-Mom. Others See Super-Fail.

Motherhood is a wily creature. She’s tough to pin down, and can be awfully sneaky about how she brings you down. Although sleep deprivation seems to be her weapon of choice, I have also seen her utilize tantrums, lots and … Continue reading

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A Moment of Rescue

Feeling lonely and forsaken, and so desperate for you to awaken. For you are my reminder of good things when only evil the world brings. Finally, I hear you cry out in the night, pleading for me to hold you … Continue reading

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To the Mom who Thinks She has Something to Prove

For those who regularly read my blog, you have most likely determined by now that my son can be a bit of a hellion, a renegade, a bruiser, a nutcase…You can pick whichever name you like, either way, he is … Continue reading

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Learning to Revel in the Chaos

I think I’ve talked about this before…but bear with me. It’s important.   My son’s absolute favorite thing to do is flop across my wet, newly-mopped floor. I say flop because he faceplants it within seconds of stepping off the … Continue reading

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I Work for a Dictator

I used to be a teacher and, believe me, it was not an easy job. I was employed by the school district, and my duties involved writing curriculum, planning lessons, correcting papers, entering grades, communicating with parents, dealing with behavior–I … Continue reading

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One Year with my Son

It was one year ago today. I laid awake, invariably exhausted, yet awake, listening to the grunts and squeaks of my brand new baby boy. He awakened every hour that night. With the new-mother adrenaline pumping through me, I sprung … Continue reading

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