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A New Creation

I’m dead. Yep, dead as a door nail. Nail down the coffin, people. I am entirely unresponsive to the world around me. Dead. Don’t plan my funereal yet though, that would just be weird. Allow me to explain… In 2 … Continue reading

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I used to have a best friend named Sam. She lived on the other side of the forest, a few blocks down. We spent a lot of time in that forest, imagining trouble, and sometimes actually causing it. Sam was … Continue reading

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A Room of Lying Shadows

Her breath caught sharply in her chest. The old grandfather clock in the corner of her dining room had just chimed once again–3:00 am. One more hour had passed since she had moved. She was not sure how many hours … Continue reading

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Grandaddy’s Story

Whether the deep, greying grooves of his face marked his years of crying or his years of laughing, my respect for him reached much higher than the mournful atmosphere of the room. As I watched him slowly bring his cup … Continue reading

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