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A Light on a Dark Street

Claire shivers. She has stood on her front step long enough now that the damp, morning air has settled on her shoulders. She doesn’t even remember how to dress for a run in this cool weather. She considers going back … Continue reading

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Why Nurseries are Harmful to Churches

10 churches, 45 hymns, 10 sermons, 13 awkward conversations, 233 bible verses, 38 handshakes–these are the stats my husband and I have acquired in our search for a church that suits both our needs. What we did not see coming, … Continue reading

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I Married a Hand-Raiser

Well, my husband and I are church shopping. Yes, that’s right, the most dreadful component of following Jesus. I have always considered myself a master shopper of clothing and shoes. My closet makes that pretty clear. Grocery shopping, on the … Continue reading

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