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The Dreaded Mom Motto

Every mom experiences it: One minute she is living the high life as a cool, hip and happening, young mom, and the next minute, her own mother tumbles right out of her mouth.

Three years into motherhood, I wish I could say that this experience just happened to me, but alas, I have been sounding more and more like my mother with each passing day since Week 1 of motherhood. Continue reading

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Choose Peace

When it comes to the safety of my children, there are two dangers that I’m a bit of a freak about: choking and drowning. My two-year old gets so tired of me telling him to chew his food completely and … Continue reading

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His Will. My Will.

My lips so often say, “Lord, Your will be done.” It is my heart, however, that rebels and screams, “My will. My time. My plan.” I struggle to synchronize my lips and my heart. I know what I should want … Continue reading

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To my First-Born

We have had 20 months together. Just me and you… and sometimes dad, of course. In the short 20 months you have been my son, you have taught me more than I learned in the 25 years I had before … Continue reading

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To the Mom who Thinks She has Something to Prove

For those who regularly read my blog, you have most likely determined by now that my son can be a bit of a hellion, a renegade, a bruiser, a nutcase…You can pick whichever name you like, either way, he is … Continue reading

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A Garden Hose and Our Heavenly Father

I love to watch a garden hose snake and swell across my lawn as the water propels through it. Usually this visual treat occurs when I am watering my garden and I quickly forget about it as I start analyzing … Continue reading

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Learning to Revel in the Chaos

I think I’ve talked about this before…but bear with me. It’s important.   My son’s absolute favorite thing to do is flop across my wet, newly-mopped floor. I say flop because he faceplants it within seconds of stepping off the … Continue reading

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