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A World of Decay

“…blessed is the people whose God is the Lord.” ~Psalm 144:15 This morning I woke to the news that another innocent group of teenagers and teachers had been mercilessly killed, while another young murderer was born. I first thanked the … Continue reading

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I Would Rather Eat Cilantro (I Hate Cilantro)

Before I begin, I want each one of you, whether Republican, Democrat, Christian, Atheist, Black, White, Straight, Gay, or otherwise to consider that perhaps none of this has anything to do with politics, nor is it about racism, nor women’s … Continue reading

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Who Should I Thank for my Racism?

I am not racist.   Despite the fact that I grew up in a predominantly white community in North Dakota, I was not unaware or immune to the many racist comments and viewpoints I encountered.   I was not racist … Continue reading

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A Girl and Some Guns

“Tara, seriously, could you even hit the broadside of a barn?”   “Shut it! I am working on it.”   My replies to my brother had sifted through all the excuses I could muster. Now, I was just grasping at … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Dream of a Leader

I do not want to get political. I promised myself I would never mention Trump, Clinton, or even Cruz on this blog. However, as I am elbow deep in my most passionate of prayers on this important day — I … Continue reading

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Acceptance is not Love

I am painfully aware, as are many of my readers, that logic and rationality are no longer key components of the American culture. However, despite society’s passionate endeavor to do away with such things, there is still an absolute truth … Continue reading

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America, Turn on the Light

Dear America, Darkness has fallen over your land. Darkness has engulfed your hopes. Darkness has coursed through your mountainsides and hilltops just as blood flows through a body. The heart of darkness beats in your deepest fears and your profound confusion. The mind of darkness … Continue reading

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