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Beauty in a Fallen Leaf

I have seen death’s merciless determination three times in my life. The first was when it chased after my best friend’s mom, then it went after my Grandma, and finally it took my first child, whose face I never saw. … Continue reading

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Why my Husband’s Illness was the Best Thing to Happen to Us

When I am in the midst of a storm and panicking, I often imagine God trying desperately to get me to see the bigger picture—that my suffering is part of a much greater plan, a plan I could never imagine … Continue reading

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Finding God when Everything Goes Wrong

As the sound rips you from a weightless dream, you blink into the blackness, with only the blue numbers on the alarm clock to indicate that your eyes are open. The sound mercilessly moving through your home is painful and … Continue reading

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When Someone you Love is Crumbling

We all know the stifling undercurrent of watching someone we love become someone different– it quickens our heart and shortens our breath, creating an unreachable and profound panic within us.   When a friend has lost or will lose a … Continue reading

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A Room of Lying Shadows

Her breath caught sharply in her chest. The old grandfather clock in the corner of her dining room had just chimed once again–3:00 am. One more hour had passed since she had moved. She was not sure how many hours … Continue reading

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Stop Waiting 12 Weeks to Reveal your Pregnancy

I had a baby. His name was Jess. He died.   Alright, so now that is out of the way. I’m a little nervous about this one because it deals in some very painful experiences for many. However, I think … Continue reading

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