A World of Decay

“…blessed is the people whose God is the Lord.” ~Psalm 144:15

This morning I woke to the news that another innocent group of teenagers and teachers had been mercilessly killed, while another young murderer was born. I first thanked the Lord that my children were safe, and then began to pray for the families of those whose children were not.

Minutes into learning about this tragedy, I was bombarded with messages of gun control, while these proposed supporters of peace pointed the finger at my government for what occurred in Florida yesterday.cartridges-2166491_1280

Unapologetically, I have owned a gun since I was 12 years old. Now, I own multiple rifles and one handgun. I have been regularly using my firearms since I was old enough to hunt at the age of 14. At 21, I obtained a concealed and carry permit in order to protect those I love. I have, on more than one occasion, been very grateful to have a handgun with me. I was taught to respect firearms, but never to fear them.

hunting-3145387_1920My three-year old son has owned a gun since the day of his birth, a gift from his grandpa. It will always be one of his most cherished possessions, especially when his grandpa is no longer here. One of my most cherished possessions of course being a gun I received from my granddaddy.

No amount of gun control laws would ever have been able to guarantee that yesterday’s mass murder would not get his hands on a gun. He’s a criminal. Criminals obtain what they want, no matter what law is in place.

There is no one to blame: not his parents, not his brother, not his teachers, not his congress, not his president.

We can really only be sure of one thing. This boy did not know God, and lived his life with a profound and agonizing need to know His love.

This boy did not know the love of Christ.

That is the greatest tragedy today, the saddest reality of this horrific situation.

This country is in a frenzied and disordered urgency to erase all the things of God from our history and our future. The indoctrination of our children in public schools and media is literally killing them. This generation of children has experienced more mass violence and more suicide than any generation before it. We now live in a world where a Christian mother cannot even comfortably watch commercials with her toddler for fear of him absorbing the persistent untruths flooding the media. This indoctrination involves a complete and terrifying disregard for the law of Christ, the only law that is going to keep our children from dying.

human-2136095_1920Christians know that the world is not getting better; this world cannot get better. More lies about what love is will not make this world better. More men being harangued for sexual harassment will not make this world better. More acceptance of race or sexual orientation will not make this world better. More religious equality will not make this world better. We are watching this world crumble, and our teenagers are the ones begging us to show them the remedy. Our world is in a moral and physical decay, and it will continue to crumble until our Savior returns.

There’s your remedy. The Savior.

I pray each day the Lord will show me how to teach my children what a real and all-consuming love of Christ looks like, despite society’s warped vision of it. Christ’s love does not accept sin, nor does it ignore it. Christ’s love does not pass more laws, eliminating the freedom of His followers. Christ’s love does not force us to shut our mouths, for fear of offending another.

Christ’s love is unrelenting in its pursuit to save every single soul that walks on this earth.

feet-349687_1920We must save the souls of our children: those capable of unimaginable acts of violence, as well as those who simply must observe such evil. The only way we can save souls is to let Christ’s love flood this nation. Open the doors of our schools to His restoring truths. Open the doors of our broken homes to His healing power. Open the doors of our hardened hearts to His inarguable reality.

I may live in a world that elevates what is wrong and buries what is right, but I still wake with joy each day. I wake with joy because I have been saved by the love of Jesus, and I am eternally grateful to Him for pursuing me. He pursues us all. If this country continues selfishly down a path away from the Savior, we will lose so much more than the security of knowing our kids are safe in school. We will lose everything.
Our world is decaying, and Christ is the only remedy. If you love our children, you will love and obey the God who created them.


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