Five Lessons for my Sons

To my Sons:

  1. Life is Funny. Let God romance you throughout your life. Take advantage of every moment you find yourself smiling at the irony of life, always remembering that God’s hand played a role. He blesses you with many surprises each day—keep your eyes open for them, never letting one pass you by. The unpredictable twists and turns of life are what keeps you from getting bored.
  2. Ask and you Shall Receive. Don’t treat God like a vending machine—giving you anything you ask for as long as you insert the appropriate good deeds. However, treat Him like your Father, your Savior, and your Friend, always keeping in mind that Jesus Christ died so you may approach your Father with confidence, sins washed away and as white as snow. Ask Him anything, but be prepared to receive an answer you were not expecting, an answer that perhaps at the time seems like the wrong one. God has had an incredible plan for you since your conception, so never hesitate to tell Him what you need, want, fear, and doubt. He’s listening.
  3. You are Exactly Who You Are Supposed to Be. Your purpose in this life will not always be clear to you. You may often find yourself doubting your abilities, as well as your identity. The only thing you must never forget is that your only purpose is to love and serve the Lord. If you fail at everything else, but accomplish this, you have succeeded. Your identity is not found in others or in your accomplishments, but is and always has been in Christ. You are His child and He created you in His image. If everything else grows foggy and dim, let this fact be always on your heart.
  4. Laugh. Laugh until your eyes fill with tears and your sides ache. As you grow older, it will become harder and harder to remember to laugh, but life is not supposed to be taken so seriously. It’s short, it’s fast, and it’s full of perfect moments, even in the midst of imperfect hours. Remember each day that everything will be fine, no matter how disastrous things may seem. Take a deep breath, hand your worries to the Lord, and find something that still makes you smile.
  5. The Truth is Usually Harder than a Lie. Your Dad and I plan to raise you to speak God’s truth amid a constant eddy of attractive and plausible lies. God encourages us to speak His truth despite its unpopularity because we are not of this world; we are called to something bigger, something better. You will feel like the minority most of your life, often yearning to fall into step with everyone else, to blend in. Don’t. When the world becomes too much and your fight to be heard becomes too much, run back to God, to me, and to your Dad. We will be there speaking the truth right along with you.

Love, Mom


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2 Responses to Five Lessons for my Sons

  1. mary says:

    Great advice, Tara. We all need to be reminded.

    Liked by 1 person

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