A Moment of Rescue

Feeling lonely and forsaken,

and so desperate for you to awaken.

For you are my reminder of good things

when only evil the world brings.

Finally, I hear you cry out in the night,

pleading for me to hold you tight.

Tossing and turning in disbelief

that you would wake to such grief,

I take you in my arms so tight

and sing until your breathing is light


I whisper, “It will be okay,”

although I did not believe it that day.

With a war being fought,

you are the blessing I nearly forgot.

Now with your face so close to mine

I begin to study every line.

Surely, your Father knit you in the sky,

even that funny mole above your eye.

He gifted me with your perfect laugh,

as if sent on the wings of a seraph.

Surprised again by your perfect form,

my faith may actually weather this storm.

Surely your Creator is my Father too

and has the strength to carry me through.

As the troubles grapple for my attention,

you and I refuse to let the cold in

As your warmth settles around my pain,

God’s peace slowly returns once again.20160804_090211

He begins to whisper, “It will be okay.

My sweet child with Me you must stay.”

Without you, things would seem so bleak,

as I trace my finger along your cheek.

In this world you will have trials,

my dear, sweet, innocent child.

Yet you need not fear, I promise.

For when all the world seems amiss,

your Father will be there beckoning you

to a moment created for your rescue.


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One Response to A Moment of Rescue

  1. Kathy says:

    Very nice. A child shall lead them.


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