My Questions for a Non-Believer

When happiness overflows,things

And laughter smothers sadder things,

Who is your Savior?


When you lie awake at night, scared to death of morning

–the lightening of the horizon mocks as it promises daylight,

Who offers you comfort?


When you lose a little one, no bigger than a pea,

a senseless, loathsome death

Whose strength do you rely upon?


When a close call at a stop light

Ignites a passionate sigh within you,

Who was it that protected you?


When the door finally closes behind you,

A long, brutal day finally over,

And you can’t control the tears,

Who hears your cry?


When your spouse gets sick and the doctors are puzzled,things

The future morphing to fear

Who do you depend on?


When your strength to stand disappears,

Your life in ruins on the floor,

Whose arms reach out to hold you?


When relief sweeps through you,

Hearing of a loved one’s health regained,

Who do you praise?


When you have a decision to make,

your logic offering no solution

Whose will do you seek?


When bad news abounds,

Countless concerns for others run through your head,

Who receives your prayers?


When the future seems bleak, the money dwindling–

And no answers to be found,

Who has promised to provide for you?


When you question your decision,

Thoughts of more consume you,

Who do you trust in?


When things are unraveling,

Leaving you with nothing to cleave to,

Who do you grasp?


When a storm rages outside your window,

The rain and wind merciless,

Who gave you shelter?


When your son won’t sleep and your nerves are thin,

The moon’s light streams in, offering little comfort

Who stays awake with you, in the coldness of the night?


When you awake in the morning, peeling yourself out of bed,

doubting your ability to carry on for another day,

Who carries you?


When you break a heart, destroy a friendship,

The guilt beating you up from the inside,

Who forgives you first?


When you survive a torturous day,

Collapsing with a sigh onto your couch,

Who do you thank?


When you’re on your knees, waiting for your world to change,things

waiting for something, anything, to come together,

Whose book do you open?

Whose words do you read?



When you seek answers,

Wait for peace,

Who are you waiting for?


When your days seem mundane,

your useless work being all you have,

Who do you commit yourself to?


When the world lets you down,

leaving you lonely and without another body,

Who steps in to be your friend?


When the sun sets the horizon on fire,things

Basking your world in an inexplicable, orange glow,

Whose creation has taken away your breath?


When cancer ravages a loved one,

so senseless, so hateful, so unforgiving

Who offers you peace?


When the days seem long,

Your purpose seems small,

Who establishes your value, your worth?


When laughter fills your home,

Leaving you in awe of the blessings around you,

Who is this gift from?


When you study the intricacies of your new baby,things

Fascinated by his uniqueness,

Who is his creator?


When the news is full of hate,

full of violence,

full of death,

Who gives you hope?


When an unexpected death burns away your happiness,

leaving you with ashes,

Who do you fight with, push against, accuse?



When life is too hard,things

the pain too much,

the hope worn thin,

Who is your Savior?


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3 Responses to My Questions for a Non-Believer

  1. Kurt says:

    Religion is a wonderful panacea.


  2. Once you meet some people who don’t believe as you do, maybe you can ask them these questions. . .and listen for theirs?


  3. ubhappyblog says:

    I enjoyed your article and your approach to the non-believer. I took a different approach in addressing the existence of God in my blog. I have only recently started to use WordPress and have a lot to learn about getting the presentation that I want. I have read 4 of your articles tonight. I like the way yours look and the images you used. Good Job!

    Liked by 1 person

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