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If I Still Worked

If I still worked I would not lie in bed at night worrying about a catastrophic medical bill that sits strewn across my dining room table. Instead, I would have the health insurance of a teacher–also known as “the greatest … Continue reading

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When Green Eyes and Red Curls Meet

Profoundly stirring green eyes contrasted by bright, bubbly red curls–this is what people see when they lay eyes on her. Those curls are really going to drive her crazy when she’s a teenager. Right now, they bounce when she walks, … Continue reading

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The Woman in the Corner

She sat alone at the smallest table in the place, furthest from the door.   She looked cold, although he wasn’t sure why, since it was roughly 95 degrees outside.   Her frail, white fingers wrapped around her coffee cup, … Continue reading

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When God Changes your Dream

Let them see You in me. Let them hear You when I speak. Let them feel You when I teach.           ~JJ Weeks Band   Sun streaming in through the cracked shades, the heat of August … Continue reading

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