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To the Media: Shut Up.

Yesterday as I did dishes, my son spent an entire five minutes standing at a wide open garage door, looking out into the dark garage, considering the option of taking a step, stumbling down three flights of stairs, and landing … Continue reading

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A Girl and Some Guns

“Tara, seriously, could you even hit the broadside of a barn?”   “Shut it! I am working on it.”   My replies to my brother had sifted through all the excuses I could muster. Now, I was just grasping at … Continue reading

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When Someone you Love is Crumbling

We all know the stifling undercurrent of watching someone we love become someone different– it quickens our heart and shortens our breath, creating an unreachable and profound panic within us.   When a friend has lost or will lose a … Continue reading

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A Garden Hose and Our Heavenly Father

I love to watch a garden hose snake and swell across my lawn as the water propels through it. Usually this visual treat occurs when I am watering my garden and I quickly forget about it as I start analyzing … Continue reading

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Learning to Revel in the Chaos

I think I’ve talked about this before…but bear with me. It’s important.   My son’s absolute favorite thing to do is flop across my wet, newly-mopped floor. I say flop because he faceplants it within seconds of stepping off the … Continue reading

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