Sometimes I Dream of a Leader

I do not want to get political. I promised myself I would never mention Trump, Clinton, or even Cruz on this blog. However, as I am elbow deep in my most passionate of prayers on this important day — I would argue the most pivotal day in this country as of late–National Prayer Day, and the Lord has spoken, so now I will.


Sometimes I dream of a leader. A leader who will do just that — lead. Every leader of this country who I am familiar with is not a leader, but a follower. A follower of the world. A follower of his own selfish pride. Sometimes I dream of a leader. A leader who will bring us all together as servants of the one true King. He would say things like, “Our moral compass must only point toward the Lord.” “This country is crumbling and the Son of Man is the only entity who will repair it.” “Just as we chastise our children out of love, so the Lord corrects us, His children. Listen to this correction. Honor your Father in Heaven.” “What’s wrong in God’s eyes has become celebrated. It is time to bring it out into the light.” “Repent. Repent and I will see you in Heaven. Remain in your sin and you will suffer for eternity.” He would not apologize. He would not back down and eventually, people would start listening. He would say things that no leader thus far is willing to say because they may hurt or offend or perhaps…lead people to the King of Kings through profound and transforming repentance. Wouldn’t that be a shame?


More importantly, this leader would know what a family is as designed by God. He would know what a child is, knitted in the womb of its mother from the moment of conception. He would know what freedom is, a place that Christians have as much rights as anyone to stand up for whom they worship. This man, or woman, but most likely a man would encourage churches to recognize the Bible as the only, true, and living word of our Heavenly Father. He would unify the church as an organization that does not worship the God we all wish He was, but the true God. The God who still speaks truth into us from His Holy Word. This man would be proof that God hears and answers prayer. This man would not compromise. This man would not waver. This man would stand firm in his convictions, reminding all Christians that this is what we should be doing.


This leader would make people dreadfully familiar with the idea that they are worshipping a Jesus who is far from the Jesus who sits at the right hand of the Father. We are worshipping a Jesus who, instead of correcting the woman at the well, encourages and supports her in her sin, so as not to offend her. We are worshipping a Jesus who accepts all of our sins. If this were the true Jesus, He would not have sacrificed His living and flowing blood for us. If this were the true Jesus, He would not have gaping holes in both of His hands. If this were the true Jesus, He would still walk among us, high-fiving us as we swim in our own filth.


This leader would know Jesus and He would remind the world of who Jesus is. He is a God to be feared, a God to be revered, a God to whom we are to fall to our knees and beg for forgiveness. We are not worshipping Jesus; we are worshipping ourselves, while we drag his holy name through the muck and mire of our confusion and narcissism.


This leader would not be afraid to call a sin a sin. This leader would not be afraid to offend, if only to save. Jesus offended. Jesus saved. This leader would know that and would reflect that. Sometimes I dream of a leader. A leader who will rise up from the ashes that is this nation and say, “I know Christ and I will not be made to believe anything other than His word.”


This leader would repulse and cast out the idea that this country no longer needs God. He would call this idea ludicrous. This leader would drag the Lord back to the center of all political issues, which are looking more and more like severe moral dilemmas than anything political. This leader would remind this country that God is still the Ruler of all things, that even the animals belong to Him. This leader would become a voice for every Christian who has been left voiceless. He would encourage all Christians to stand and fight for what is right, to stop allowing ourselves to be silenced by lies. This leader would, most importantly, remind us all, Christians and Heathens alike, that God is still here and we are still in desperate need of His healing and forgiveness.


So, tonight on this National Prayer Day, I will pray for this leader. Maybe he is in the form of many pastors, or many churches, or the most unlikely of faces, but nevertheless, let him be a Jeremiah of our time. A man who will stand and refuse to sit down. A man who will bring God back to the heart of this Nation, where He belongs.


May God Bless America.

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5 Responses to Sometimes I Dream of a Leader

  1. craftimom says:

    Well said!

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  2. mom says:

    We have hope because we have God. No man can save this dark, broken nation. Don’t let your heart be troubled, the Lord is always working and we never know how He will use our current situation. In our human hearts we too often forget He is always in control. A wise pastor told me once that nothing surprises God. 😊 Another excellent post, even if I wasn’t your mom. 😃

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  3. Kathy says:

    Good article. You are able to put into words what many of us feel. Take courage, however, God is in control. The USA has been privileged to believe “one nation under God” and “In God We Trust” so we know Gods word is truth,therefore we will be judge and brought low. The Lord pleading for us to repent. Return to “In God We Trust”, adhere to,trust in, and rely on.

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  4. Carol says:

    Thanks for the powerful article! I pray there is a man like you dream of out there, but for now we rely on God’s strength and provision to carry us through each day. He allows things to happen and hopefully during this time in our history He will wake up the sleeping Christians in this nation to stand up and stand firm on His Word like you have done and not back down in their values. We need to let others know of the great God we serve and trust in!

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