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A Room of Lying Shadows

Her breath caught sharply in her chest. The old grandfather clock in the corner of her dining room had just chimed once again–3:00 am. One more hour had passed since she had moved. She was not sure how many hours … Continue reading

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I Work for a Dictator

I used to be a teacher and, believe me, it was not an easy job. I was employed by the school district, and my duties involved writing curriculum, planning lessons, correcting papers, entering grades, communicating with parents, dealing with behavior–I … Continue reading

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Entombed in Indifference

When the time came, he was certain he would not care. It was undeniable. He had never cared. This would not be any different. When they told him the last day of his life the corners of his mouth jerked … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Dream of a Leader

I do not want to get political. I promised myself I would never mention Trump, Clinton, or even Cruz on this blog. However, as I am elbow deep in my most passionate of prayers on this important day — I … Continue reading

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What a Mom Does with One of those Bad Days

You know the day I’m talking about. You don’t have to be a mom to be all too familiar with a day that starts out rocky and ends with you pretty much smashed to pieces underneath a pile of not … Continue reading

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