Acceptance is not Love

I am painfully aware, as are many of my readers, that logic and rationality are no longer key components of the American culture. However, despite society’s passionate endeavor to do away with such things, there is still an absolute truth and a moral code in which we are all to live by. No amount of denial and ignorance is going to destroy it. Those who choose to ignore this absolute will never find peace and freedom.


Racked. Riddled. Defeated. As I lied in the arms of my husband just last night, I couldn’t shake these feelings. I had attempted, for the first time and with reservations, to express my disgust and distress over Target’s recent decision to designate their restrooms as gender neutral. Not surprisingly, I received some opposition.



To be honest, the gay-marrirestroomage debate has long been an irritation of mine and I have no qualms about speaking my mind about it; however, I have chosen to remain relatively closed mouthed about transsexuals as I have little to no understanding of the difficulties that these people face, nor do I have any idea of how to approach such things. My silence finally ended when Target, who I have had a fairly tight-knit relationship with for some time now (they have a great selection of diapers), all but backed me into
a corner–
enough is enough. To every Christian whose mouths remain shut about such issues, it is time to say, enough is enough.


When I spoke up about my Target boycott, it did not take long for me to be called intolerant, a bigot, a hater, and I have no doubt that many others must view me in this way. If every sympathizer of the trans-gendered is going to automatically dismiss me, and all Bible-believing Christians for that matter, as haters, then we don’t stand a chance against the lies and deceit that are currently infiltrating this country.


I have no idea if it is my duty, my Christian obligation, to stand up to every person who denounces the truth of God: every gay marriage lover, every baby murderer, and every Christian persecutor. It seems to me that those who distort and defile the word of God deserve a little opposition. However, I struggle to do this, despite my relatively big mouth.


Every time I do stand up for truth, I end up feeling like a fool because it accomplishes nothing besides days of frustration for me. It is difficult to maintain faith that God continues to work in the hearts of those who label me a hater. God certainly does not need me to defend Him. Nevertheless, I feel like I should defend Him, that I am somehow honoring Him if I fight for Him here on earth. What that actually looks like, however, becomes a very gray area when I am in the thick of it.


This is where Christ becomes, for the millionth time in human history, all we have, our only hope, our rock, our fixed point. Christ equips us with all that we need to not only defend Him, but to honor Him in every word and deed, even if we fail. We tried, right? We fought. We went down swinging. So, to the Christians who have yet to speak up, maybe it is time to start offending some people.


So, here it goes. I am intolerant. I am a hater. I am a bigot. I am proud to call myself these terms. Why? Because I know a truth that will set every trans-gendered person free. It is God’s truth. Being allowed to treat your sex as if it is fluid will not rid you of the pain, nor the tumult of emotions, that you have experienced. The haters are not your problem. Your sympathizers are your problem. The lies that society is allowing you to accept are your problem. The people that say it is okay to self identify with a different gender are lying. It is not okay and it is certainly not your fault. It is your struggle. Your struggle that the Lord is desperate to purify your soul through; He will use it to perfect you, if you let Him. Fall to His feet, become His child, tell Him you need him–whether or not you admit that you need Him, it will always be true.


Gender neutral bathrooms will not set you free. A sex change will not set you free. Hormonal supplements will not set you free. Your Father, the freedomcreator of the universe, the God who knitted you together perfectly in your mother’s womb, calls to you from the desperate, imperfect voice of every Christian in America, and He is saying, “Come to me. Let me heal you. I love you.” We all need healing. The Christian. The Transsexual.
The Atheist. The Druggie. The Children. I needed healing from my selfishness when I entered into marriage. I needed healing from my anxiety when I had my son. The Lord heals. I am living proof.


God calls each star by name. He set the moon in the sky at the perfect distance from the earth. Mountains tremble at the sound of his voice. He perfected this sin-wrought, depraved world through the tragic death of His own son. This same God made you a male or He made you a female, and He does not make mistakes; He makes all things new, purifying even the filthiest, causing all things to work toward good. I speak because I know what will set you free, and it is not acceptance, it is resistance from Christians who love you.


To the transsexuals, to their sympathizers, to the fairweather Christians who say God is love, who say God accepts all peoples, no matter their sexual orientation. Yes, God is love, but the God who is love will let those who reject Him suffer in Hell for all eternity. God’s love extends to everyone, but the Lord’s justice prevails in the end, and we are all subject to it.


So I am a hater of lies. I am a bigot toward sin. I am intolerant of people who support and sympathize a deceit that will destroy, not only the people dealing with sexual identity crises, but the moral fabric of this nation. We surely have to maintain the absolute truths that the Lord dictates for us; otherwise, we have absolutely nothing.


So, to the trans-gendered, homosexual, sexually struggling community, I will continue to display God’s truth to you, in the best way that I know how. Call me a bigot. Call me a hater. Call me intolerant. It will bother me; it will keep me up at night, but I will not be silent. I love you too much for that nonsense.  

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12 Responses to Acceptance is not Love

  1. Very well done. Many Christians have for gotten God is Holy and because God is Holy, God cannot look upon sin without judging sin. Our only hope is to repent and believe in Jesus the only way to the Abba Father in heaven. Blessings to you and your family, Amen.

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  2. Mary says:

    Hang in there, Tara. You are right, we need to stand up for God’s word. He is the judge, not us. He has provided us with the way of salvation, and if we choose to not believe Him, we will pay the consequences. We can’t pick and choose the parts we like of His word; he meant it all, and even if our culture changes, He will never change.

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  3. tonihenry says:

    So timely, and beautifully said. My husband is a pastor and is preaching on this very topic tomorrow morning. We also have a lesbian couple that regularly attends our church, and we love them.. and like you said, too much to remain silent (although he’s not preaching on this BECAUSE of them). I feel like you much of the time.. I am either silent, or I end up feeling foolish when I speak out because I am shamed by people with the same accusations. So kudos to you for your bravery and taking a stand, and for doing it in love!


  4. mom says:

    Well said, well said.


  5. maryfilatov says:

    This is something I really needed to read! It is put together in such a way, that as I read it, all I can think of is how much I can relate to this. Thank you for writing this so beautifully. God bless you

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  6. Mary says:

    I can’t quote the verse exactly, and I’m sure I memorized it from the KJV, but it says, “Blessed are you when men shall revile you, and say all manner of evil against you.” We know we’re going to be criticized when we defend God’s Word, but we have the God of the universe on our side.

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  7. You are courageous! And I believe fully that we, as Christians, have an obligation to make a stand. I think that’s what Christ meant for us to DO when He said, “Go”. I think where I, personally, get caught up is standing up “in love” and it being misunderstood as “hate”. As Christians we have to be cautious with HOW we make our stand, but we should not be fearful to make a stand. We will not be popular. We will be unliked, even hated—but what a place we should welcome, because it is there that Christ walked and it is there He will continue to speak to our hearts. Great post. Again!


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