82 Ways for a Stay-at-Home Mom to Keep her Sanity

Attention Stay-At-Home Moms Everywhere! Notice, how I capitalized your ENTIRE job title, indicating my immense amount of respect for you. Stay-at-home moms should really be allowed to put a prefix in front of our names. Instead of Dr. or PhD, I should call myself SM Tara, Super-Mom Tara, or maybe SH Tara, Stay-Home Tara. I have taken on a uniquely different persona since transforming into an adult who regularly speaks to no one except her 10-month old; it changes a person, man! I should warn people by saying something like, “Stay-Home Tara is present today, but Out-in-the-Real-World Tara will be with you shortly.”


I have been pretty into lists lately, inspired I suppose, by all of the perfectionists in my life. North Dakota weather has caused my son and I to suffer severely from cabin fever in recent weeks, so lists are constantly running through my head as I suffer silently in a purgatory known as, “Wait for Spring.” Please be seated in the waiting room, warmer weather will arrive soon. I have learned many lessons since embarking on the great adventure of staying home. It can be extremely difficult. Usually, it is more mentally challenging, than it is physically. It is my hope that stay-at-homers, young and old, will find comfort and hope in the following list.

Weston and Remi

  1. Don’t depend on other people to satisfy your need for people.
  2. Nurture hobbies.
  3. Learn to sew.
  4. Learn to cook.
  5. Find a book.
  6. Do crafts with your kids.
  7. Stick to a schedule.
  8. Identify your weaknesses.
  9. Brew some coffee.
  10. Sit down and allow yourself to bask in the wonderfulness that is your child by watching him play or sleep.
  11. It’s okay to stop moving.
  12. If you have a boring day, take advantage of it; it won’t last.
  13. You don’t need to feel guilty that most of the world works 40 hours a week, you work 168 hours a week.
  14. Find your mom niche.
  15. Be hospitable to other moms.
  16. Find a support group.
  17. Don’t be afraid to tell another mom that you are feeling, um, tired.
  18. Commit yourself to engaging in play time with your child, no matter how many other things you need to be doing.
  19. Read to your kiddos.
  20. Take a class (photography, writing, fashion, etc.) and let your husband watch the kids while you go have some time to yourself.
  21. Spend quality time with your husband alone everyday. If he doesn’t regularly tell you how valuable you are, let him know you need to hear it.
  22. Go on date nights with your husband.
  23. Learn yoga.
  24. If you’re feeling down and your child can communicate, ask him or her why they are happy that you stay home.
  25. Get out of town with your kids for a day.
  26. Plug into the mom community in your area.
  27. Take advantage of nice weather.
  28. When you get in a rut, remember that working people also get into ruts.
  29. Get a dog to keep you company.
  30. Don’t believe the lie that you are not a necessary entity in your kid’s life; you are essential.
  31. Be honest with your husband about your struggles.
  32. Remember that it will not always be like this.
  33. Start a project.
  34. Thank your husband for going to work every day.
  35. Don’t feel guilty if you take a nap.
  36. Give yourself a break.
  37. Sometimes it is okay to sit down, even if your floors need to be cleaned.
  38. Make goals for yourself daily.
  39. If your kid is being needy and annoying, sit down and give him or her your undivided attention.
  40. If you are at your wits end, remember that one day every one of your children will be in school.
  41. Listen to the advice of older and wiser moms.
  42. Find a mentor.
  43. You don’t have to justify to anyone that your day was productive.
  44. You don’t have to defend your decision to stay home.
  45. Organize your house.
  46. Take a lot of pictures.
  47. It is okay to miss your career, but always remember, you would miss your kid more.
  48. Take your kiddo to the library.
  49. If you get invited to playgroup, go.
  50. Don’t isolate yourself.
  51. Turn on the radio.
  52. Exercise.
  53. If you feel like you’re losing patience with your little one, get yourself out of the house, change your surroundings.
  54. Learn to can vegetables.
  55. Grow a garden.
  56. Your house is never going to be clean enough, so relax.
  57. Treat yourself to some foo-foo coffee.
  58. Getting outside for even a few minutes a day can calm both you and your kids.
  59. Trust God when He says He has a plan for you, He does.
  60. If you have toddlers who don’t nap, have quiet time.
  61. Cuddle with your kiddos.
  62. Be flexible to the changing moods and changing naptimes of your little ones.
  63. Treat yourself to a movie with a friend.
  64. Get involved in a church.
  65. Volunteer.
  66. You are an accomplished person, just look at that kid.
  67. Laugh at yourself.
  68. Appreciate the unique parenting styles of other moms, learn from them.
  69. When you are watching your kiddos play, get off your cell phone and actually watch them.
  70. Avoid the TV.
  71. Pray.
  72. Get your nails done.
  73. Have an adult conversation everyday, even if you have to accost the cashier at Target.
  74. You are not a perfect mom, nor are you expected to be.
  75. Develop a strong, personal, and meaningful relationship with Christ.
  76. Fully appreciate the stage your child is in, don’t rewind and don’t fast forward.
  77. Take advantage of coupons. You have time to save your family some money, so do it.
  78. Let your husband rough-house with the kids when he gets home; they both need it.
  79. Let your kids be messy; in fact, get messy with them.
  80. You did not give up a full-time job so you could clean the house and do laundry. Be present for your kids. Give them all of you.
  81. Go to a new park or a new grocery store. Switch it up.
  82. Thank God everyday that you get to do this, even on the days you don’t feel thankful.

These tips are specific to my own experience as a stay-at-home mom. Moms, feel free to leave me a comment with other tips that have helped you keep your sanity, dads and working moms are welcome too!Mom

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5 Responses to 82 Ways for a Stay-at-Home Mom to Keep her Sanity

  1. Missing Eden says:

    As a mom who has been staying home, raising and home educating my five children for more than 24 years, I am amazed at the amount of insight you have gained in your new career at home. You are a wise young lady!


  2. Alexander Kranz says:

    Awesome post babe! I’m so proud of you! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Can I re blog this? This is a good list:)

    Liked by 1 person

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