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Grandaddy’s Story

Whether the deep, greying grooves of his face marked his years of crying or his years of laughing, my respect for him reached much higher than the mournful atmosphere of the room. As I watched him slowly bring his cup … Continue reading

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The Mountains are Calling

They call to me. These words dripping out of my mom’s mouth with the perfect mixture of longing and satire, just enough to make you wonder if she’s serious, have fallen on my ears since long before my long, sea … Continue reading

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Raising a Boy to be a Man of God

“Weston. No.” … “Weston, Mom said no.” … “Weston! That’s gross! Take that out of your mouth!” Alright, so my son is nine months old, and I am fully aware that disciplining him in the above manner is probably not … Continue reading

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The Unmistakable Call of God

The clock in our basement just struck one in the afternoon. Last year at this time I would be in fifth period, grappling through another brutal fifty minutes with 22 seventh graders. I would most likely be discussing the themes … Continue reading

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Two Things Forgotten

There are two pivotal facts that I have recognized to be forgotten among most people. These facts make people uncomfortable and certainly are not discussed in everyday conversation. A person’s view on this subject is personal and should be kept … Continue reading

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My Closet. My Story.

I have always been a girl who can appreciate a well-designed outfit. In our two years of marriage, my husband has been appalled daily by the amount of clothes my closet contains. I also have trouble getting rid of clothes; … Continue reading

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