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A Divine Connection

Her breath is rapid and raspy. She is desperately trying to maintain calm and control, but when she reaches up to brush her finger against the child’s cheek, she notices that her hands are trembling. She touches him anyway, just … Continue reading

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Why Women must Submit to their Husbands

I knew I would be my husband’s wife four minutes after I met him. People have tactfully informed me that I am crazy; others have gazed at my marriage longingly, calling it a romantic fairytale. Crazy or romantic, to me, … Continue reading

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Target, We Need to Talk

I’m just a customer. A very frequent customer, since you seem to have some sick marketing ploy that causes young mothers to essentially live within your red and tan walls. You have nearly lost me as a customer many times, … Continue reading

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The Progression of Christmas

    When I was a young child, Christmas was magic. It was twinkling lights, waiting for sleep that wouldn’t come, listening for the footsteps of Santa. Christmas was Rudolph, Frosty, the Grinch. It was a look of longing, brought … Continue reading

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Oh good. It’s 3 a.m. I think that he may have slept for 2 straight hours this time. Maybe if I lie here as still as my husband in his deep, undisturbed sleep I will not have to get up. … Continue reading

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