America, Turn on the Light

Dear America,

Darkness has fallen over your land. Darkness has engulfed your hopes. Darkness has coursed through your mountainsides and hilltops just as blood flows through a body. The heart of darkness beats in your deepest fears and your profound confusion. The mind of darkness knows how to seep its way into your weary, wretched mind. The feet of darkness trudge through your streets leaving triumph and tranquility writhing beneath it. It is sinister; it is daunting; it slithers just as it did at the genesis of humanity. America, you are feeding darkness. You have allowed it to usurp what you know to be true. Now you know nothing, and this causes you to believe that you have nothing. America, evil has always been and will always be. Because of the downfall of mankind in the Garden of Eden, pain is a guarantee. Darkness is inescapable and often incomprehensible, unless you turn on the light.

America, you have much to fear. If you were admitted to become vulnerable, you may realize that evil has subjugated your land. True love has mutated to selfish desire. Families have crumbled, crushing the children beneath the rubble. Where esteemed adults once stood, now sit the weak and wounded. The vibrant souls of your subjects have been suffocated by degenerative shells made of flesh and bone. Safety and security have lost their way on a path of cruelty and crime. A world of thriving possibilities has become a feeble, frail future. You, as a mere whisper in this vast universe, are drowning in sin, drowning in evil. You have survived on fear, doubt, and panic for some time; the reasons being quite explicit. America, face it, you are scared.

America, the problem with your state is not tangible, just as the solution is not physical. The problem does not breed on an evil you can see, but on an evil that is unseen. The problem, America, is that you have allowed suffering and discomfort to make you afraid. The fearful circumstances can be mended, but your terror will continue to reign through every generation. The problem, America, is that you have invited Satan into your home, into your heart, into your bed, and he resides with you now. He follows you wherever you go. Satan has become personified through your terror and uncertainty. These are the things that feed him. These are the things that he lives on. You, America, are feeding him. You are believing his lies, and you take pleasure in spreading those lies.

America, your reliance on temporal things is raising up a new king. He is the king of darkness. Darkness that results from humanity’s ambition to seize the world. America, you are not of this world. You were never meant to be of this world. You were meant to live as light, to dwell in the light, to thrive in the light. America, it is time to birth a new king; it is time to purge this land of the king of darkness. It is time to rise up. Satan is not destined to win, in fact, he cannot be victorious. Satan is already dead; he has already lost. Stop living your life as if this is not so.

America, it is time to turn on the light. Light is your only hope, your deliverance.  In the absence of light, there is only darkness, but where light lives, darkness cannot be. You have granted darkness the incredible opportunity to percolate to the younger generations that should be thriving, but instead are simply living. The ways in which you seek healing were never meant to fix you.

America, there is a hope that surpasses every evil.  There is a light that cannot be put out, a light that is as constant as the ocean waves and as unyielding as a mountain blizzard. It is this light that you seek, this light that you long for, a light that surpasses all understanding and illuminates the eternal.  This light still burns in your heart. Have you forgotten? The solution to your problem does not spring from your mind, but from your longing for something eternal. The solution to your problem is the saving grace of Jesus Christ and his Father, the Lord of Life. You have closed the door to your Father. He should reside in your home, in your heart, and in your soul, but you have closed that door and have opened the door to hate. You have welcomed Satan and have left God standing on your porch. It is time to let Him in.

America, you need God. You are desperate for Him. Satan has deprived your senses of this irrevocable fact. With God, there is victory. With God, there is peace. Let God’s triumphant, inexplicable light envelop your world. Let God’s love purify you of your questions, your confusions, and your worries. America, you need not know why you suffer, and you need not have a solution; you need only know whom it is that you serve, and you need only know that He is the only solution.

America, you must humble yourself before God, so that you can rise to something eternal. Then, you will truly fear nothing.

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  1. Alexander Kranz says:

    Awesome babe


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