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Exhale. Squeeze. Pull.

View from a deer stand. Wilton, North Dakota. Courtesy of my father-in-law, Clark. The worst part is, hands down, getting out of the pick-up. That is when the regret, tingling as it settles into my spine and creeps its way … Continue reading

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A Mom’s Mantra

I have things to do. I have things to do. I have things to do. Okay, I admit it, I am a doer. I have always been a doer. When I go to bed at night, I rate my day … Continue reading

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America, Turn on the Light

Dear America, Darkness has fallen over your land. Darkness has engulfed your hopes. Darkness has coursed through your mountainsides and hilltops just as blood flows through a body. The heart of darkness beats in your deepest fears and your profound confusion. The mind of darkness … Continue reading

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